A Polish company with 27 years’ experience, active in four areas: GPS – GNSS logistics systems, SECURITY – range of security systems, ARMY – military GPS and NATO ITC system and SPACE – satellite equipment.

To guarantee services of the highest possible standard, Hertz Systems seeks to obtain prestigious certificates and accreditations. In particular, it has been awarded the following:

  • AQUAP-2110 (Allied Quality Assurance Publication),
  • AQAP-2210
  • PN-EN ISO-9001 held continuously since 2005.

It employs approx. 200 specialists, and since 1998 has been operating an internal development department run by a team of qualified engineers with extensive experience in working with government organisations, businesses and partners from around the world.

  • Hertz Systems is a Polish manufacturer of GPS receivers with a SAAM cryptographic module, designed for combat platforms and to be used as part of a soldiers’ kit. We’ve been supplying the Polish Armed Forces since 2006.
  • The company participates in international space projects and is part of EDA (European Defence Agency), ESA (European Space Agency) and NATO programmes. In particular, it is a member of the consortium engaged with the constriction of SAT-AIS-PL, the first Polish commercial satellite, which is scheduled to be launched into an Earth orbit in 2020. Zygmunt Rafał Trzaskowski, Hertz Systems CEO is also the Vice President of the Polish Space Agency Council.
  • The company has been recognised both by the security as well as the military markets, where it was awarded the Business Leader and National Security Leader titles. It also received a Polish Agency for Enterprise Development prize in the “Space technology” category.


To find out more about our solutions and projects, please contact with us.

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