In present-day battlefield satellite navigation is developed to immediately and accurately determine the coordinates, precisely determine positioning, manage the troops movement and control remotely controlled missiles. It is also used to navigate unmanned aircrafts. First of all, it improves command and control and provides time synchronization.

Since 2007 Hertz Systems has manufactured and supplied GPS receivers for the Armed Forces both for platforms and the troops (handheld).

  • Platform GPS receiver (HGPST family) delivered by Hertz Systems ensures critical, precise and reliable information and data for the military devices onboard combat platforms.
  • HGPST units are integrated with command systems to deliver necessary data for communication systems, radars, target systems and inertical navigation systems.

Owing to SAASM cryptographic module, the device enables PPS (Precise Positioning Service) mode to ensure:

  • greater precision of position and time parameters set,
  • greater resistance to jamming,
  • resistance to spoofing make it impossible to cheat the GPS receiver by means of transmitters,
  • precise positioning in case of shutdown of civilian GPS system for military purposes or deliberate deterioration of its performance in the satellite system.

Military GPS receiver is the heart of Army digitalization – in particular for BFT (Blue Force Tracking) and BMS (Battlefield Management System).

Our receivers are installed on, among others, the following platforms of the Polish Army:

Armoured Personnel Carrier ROSOMAK

Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Missile System POPRAD

Anti-Aircraft Artillery-Missile System PILICA

Relocatable Radar SOŁA

Mobile Radar RM-100

Mobile Weapon Locating Radar System LIWIEC

Rocket Launcher Langusta WR-40

Self-propelled Gun Howitzer 77T DANA

Air Defence Command Vehicle ZWD-10R Łowcza

Command Vehicle WD-2001 HONKER 2324

Command Vehicles WD-95 BLENDA

Command Automation Vehicles OPL ZWD-10R-N

Battery Command Vehicle WD-95

Early Warning and Control Systems RT-22-N (3D)

Mine Destroyer Kormoran II


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