Soldier combat capability monitoring system

Effective coordination on the combat theatre translates into military success, but also the safety of soldiers. Information on the vital parameters and combat capability of soldiers is invaluable. Collecting and efficient transfer of such data to the command centre is particularity difficult in combat conditions. The HEDERA system is the answer to such needs of the armed forces.

It is a system for monitoring soldier combat capability designed to be used in BMS and BFT type systems.

The vest relies on a system of medical sensors sewn into its structure which monitor medical parameters, such as:

  • Pulse
  • Breathing rate
  • Body temperature
  • Body position
  • Activity.
  • ECG sensor with a built-in accelerometer makes it possible to observe changes in the pulse (e.g. a cardiac arrest). Respiration and thermal sensors are used to monitor the breathing rate and body temperature. A soldier’s physical activity and their position (horizontal/vertical) are monitored by a special accelerometer and inclinometer.
  • Military tactical radio modem connected to the vest uses radio waves to transfer data on the soldiers’ vital parameters together with an assessment of their combat ability to the Command Centre (BMS, BFT). The data may be displayed on a tactical map. Combat capability for a group of soldiers is delivered as a percentage.
  • State-of-the-art products and technologies are used in the production of the HEDERA system to ensure reliable operation in conditions ranging from the scorching desert sun and dust, humid rainforest as well as ice locked Arctic circles. After washing, the system’s vests retain their functions.

The data transfer format is developed in accordance with NATO standards and the Polish Defence Standards.



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