Home medical assistant

Hertz Systems provides a device for non-invasive sugar metering with results displayed in a telephone. The Home Medical Assistant can successfully replace traditional devices used to measure glucose, which means the pain associated skin pricking can be eliminated entirely.

The readout may be generated in the form of a table spanning any period of time.


  • The Home Medical Assistant comprises two parts – a small sensor for a finger and a cable connecting the device to a computer.
  • The readout will be ready in one minute.
  • The patient may transfer the data to any computer.
  • Every time readings are taken, information on the blood flow velocity, skin temperature moisture and pulse is also displayed.


  • Blood glucose concentration ( BGC )
  • Blood flow velocity ( BFV )
  • Corpuscular haemoglobin concentration ( CHC )
  • Pulse rate ( beats / min)
  • Saturation (SaO2 blood oxidation)
  • Temperature and moisture
  • Patient’s medical profile definition
  • Reading duration: 1 minute
  • Automatic visualisation of exceeded thresholds, electronic patient’s card


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