The product is dedicated to both those looking after children and the elderly, as well as organizers of sports events, outdoor games or organised groups who want to ensure the ones in their care are safe.

Personal GPS can accurately determine a location, and it includes a facility for transmitting an instantaneous SMS alarm and to call a pre-defined number.

Personal GPS:

  • Highly sensitive GPS receiver
  • Excellent accuracy (2 meters)
  • Small-size
  • Very light (65g)
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • 8 MB of internal memory where the track of the journey is saved in the event of a temporary loss of connection with the server, which makes it possible to re-create the route once connection with the server is restored.
  • Shock and impact resistant

Tangible benefits

  • Location of the monitored person is known at all times.
  • Combines the benefits of a GPS transmitter and a mobile phone.
  • Immediate call for help.
  • Easy to use – two buttons for all of its functions.
  • Determining safe areas associated with SMS messages.
  • Any internet enabled device will be sufficient, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Hertz Systems PERSONAL GPSMobile telephone with monitoring
Routes saved. The device saves all the routes.
Three pre-configured quick-dial telephone numbers
The monitored person is visible at all times
Alarm button
Easy to use, just two buttons
Small and handy

The Hertz Systems PERSONAL GPS functions on the basis of a GPS satellite transmitter as well as a terrestrial GSM mobile telephony system that facilitates accurate positioning.

In the eyes of the customers

Find out how useful the GPS Assistant is in everyday life!

Advantages of the product

  1. Good transmitter

  2. Calling for help

  3. 24/7 positioning

  4. Voice communication


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