Space technology park

Hertz Systems is not only an Industrial Partner of the Space Technology Park but the company’s Research and Development Department is also located within its walls.

The initiative to establish the Space Technology Park in Zielona Góra aimed to create a leading industrial and research center for space and satellite engineering and innovative industry in the Lubuskie Voivodeship and, in the long term, in the country. Operating since Q4 2023. The Park, which concentrates in its space several specialized instruments located in as many as 7 laboratories, is firmly striving to become a national leader in the field of industrial and research centers.

The Park’s laboratories include: 

  • Satellite electronics and FPGA systems
  • Space Medicine
  • Room for clean assembly, integration, and testing of satellite systems and subsystems
  • Center for processing and interpretation of satellite data and Civil Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Robotic systems and artificial intelligence
  • Materials engineering and endurance testing 
  • Cryptography and Countering Cyber Threats



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Space Technology Park

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