Time and frequency synchronization

 Precise time and frequency are predominant for the mission success, the performance of object docking in the space (rendezvous), synchronization of onboard equipment, research and observation instruments.

  • Astronomers use the standard time to perform simultaneous observations at distant locations, and lead to a common conclusions and results. Communication systems use both time and frequency in order to maintain the carrier frequency, military and banking communications networks have special time requirements for data encryption synchronization and decoding equipment. The required standards are frequencies for radio and television stations, as well as transmitters for satellite communications.
  • Tracking the location of space objects and communication as well as the transfer of correction data from a ground station to the satellite requires a coordinated and synchronized communication links.
  • Hertz Systems has developed a generator of standard time and frequency dedicated to spaceships. Additional support function allows to function in low GNSS signal mode


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