European Navigation System Galileo

An alternative and complementary solution to existing and commonly used navigation systems, namely, American GPS and Russian GLONASS is European Navigation System Galileo. It currently consists of 24 operational satellites (status – July 2022), evenly distributed over 3 orbits.

  • Hertz Systems has been actively pursuing projects related to the development of the Galileo system for many years through research and development work on signal quality, determining the impact of interference, designing receivers and systems with enhanced noise immunity and regulated access (PRS = Public Regulated Service), requiring very high accuracy and reliability of data, intended for public services.
  • The company is also implementing the GEODE project with funding from the European Commission. The project consists of the development of European standardized GPS-compatible Galileo PRS receivers dedicated to military applications. The project will develop receivers for land, sea, and air platforms. Hertz Systems is developing a receiver for land platforms.
  • Hertz Systems is using in the work its extensive experience it has gained in designing GPS satellite navigation receivers and integrating SAASM cryptographic modules into them for the military.


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