Drone detection and monitoring system

In the last few years, the number of incidents involving drones has been growing rapidly. Hazards from the drones arise from the increasing scope of systems using drones, both on the battlefield and in the civilian areas of everyday life. High availability makes that drones have become a tool for the criminal actions against public security, their use threatens the health and property of citizens and the functioning of businesses. Drones are cheap and effective tool for infiltration and sabotage. A system for the detection, alerting, tracking and recording of unauthorized actions with the use of drones significantly reduces the risk of incurring losses and allows to take actions against the aggressor.

The system for drones detection and monitoring has been designed and developed by Polish engineers using, among others, innovative radar technologies.

The system features:

  • integration of acoustic, radar and optical sensors,
  • innovative radar sensor, transmitter-receiver system of FMCW radar at 10 GHz integrated in one chip, operating at unlicensed band 10.5 – 10.6 GHz,
  • modularity enabling any configuration of the system for sector or omni-directional protection,
  • protection of facilities or fixed devices and mobile version enabling operation in any area and conditions, e.g. mass events, national border protection),
  • operation in continuous mode in each type of weather conditions,
  • autonomy and automaticity of operation, including notification and recording of events,
  • user-friendly and simple interface,
  • efficient range to detect and track up to 1000 meters.

Non-kinectic system of deactivation of foreign drones

Hertz Systems also offers a system of non-kinectic deactivation of foreign drones that threaten our security. The system has been designed to prevent any surveillance actions while on duty by uniformed services. It also protects against intrusion of privacy by unmanned air systems. Due to its functionality may easily replace standard firearms and thus be used with greater freedom in built-up areas or among the civilians. The deactivation of foreign drones starts by pressing the shutter button and a disturbing signal is transmitted, which results in disconnection of unmanned air system from the control unit, which allows almost immediately to bring it to the ground. The system is mobile, however, it may be configured with a fixed system.


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